Day 3: What kind of person attracts you?

September 21, 2013 § Leave a comment


Now, this is a really attractive subject to write about.

Did you know that a new study finds that when it comes to personality, people seek partners with their same qualities — but claim to want someone who is different?

I guess opposites don’t really attract, or they do attract, but doesn’t last.

So yeah, Mr. Scott Eastwood, your chiseled face and washboard abs do no wonders to me. Unless you’re speaking straight to my va-jay-jay…

It’s a known fact that I’ve always been attracted to a guy who’s funny, quick-witted, quirky, interesting, has great taste in music, reads, spontaneous, got brains…

and I’m totally sold if he’s got some killer moves on the dance floor and in bed…


Charm > Looks

I’ll take a charming man over a good-looking man anytime! He doesn’t need to be hot or good-looking but there must be something about him that attracts me to him like bees to honey. It can be his sunny smile or his eyes or his muscular arms/limbs. I love man with strong arms/legs because I like to feel secure when I’m all wrapped up in him.

One thing in particular is I have preferences for brown-skinned boys. There’s something about their tanned skin and exotic features that draw me to them. Not to mention most of them are pretty well-endowed… 😉


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