Day 4: What you wear to bed?

September 22, 2013 § Leave a comment


They say what you wear to bed says a lot about a person.

What I wear normally depend on my mood and if I have done my laundry for that week…


1. The over-sized high-school t-shirts/ grandmother’s night dress

This is what I’ll wear 2 weeks out of a month when I want to feel all comfortable and colorful and mismatched. I’ll sing in my bathroom when I’m brushing my teeth in the morning and dance around to guilty pleasure songs (Hello Britney!) in my room at night. When I’m forced to answer the door to a delivery man, I tend to go slightly pink in the cheeks when glancing down at the cat nighty (or some equally embarrassing nightdress/oversized t-shirt) with the coffee stain down the front. I’ll hurriedly sign for the damn package/grab my takeouts while trying not to make eye contact with the delivery man before rushing back into my room to watch HIMYM in bed with my takeouts.

Yes, I do everything in my bed.


2. The silky nightie

When I want to feel like a sensual vamp and when I mean business aka my-body-is-ready-for-you. If you happen to see me in this, you’re probably getting lucky with me tonight.

That or we’re having a girlie night and sipping Chardonnay.


3. Commando

I almost never sleep naked, even if I’m sleeping alongside a dude and even if we just had sex. It feels so … bare to me.

Him: Wait, what? Why are you putting your clothes on?

Me: Because I need to wear something.

Him: Just sleep naked, like I do! 

Me: Err… I don’t like to.

Him: I’ll keep you warm!

Me: I really need to feel fabric on my skin.

Him: But I want to feel your naked body against me!

Me: Can I wrap myself with your comforter?

Him: We’ll share?

Me: No, just the comforter and my body.

Him: (silence)

Only in 3 circumstances I’ll sleep naked.

1. The weather is 45 Celsius out there and my fan is not working.

2. I haven’t done my laundry in weeks.

3. I accidentally fall asleep in my bed straight after my shower.


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