I Slept With Another Man

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This girl is a masochist. Beautiful writing, though.

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I slept with another man because I got tired of being your mistress. Because I’m beginning to believe that you have some genetic imprint that makes your brain and your loins hardwired for infidelity. That no matter who you’re with, you just won’t stop looking. You have her, and you have me: your covert affair. And still that void, that void that urges you to suck at yet another woman’s breasts. I am not a stopgap, I am not a cure, no woman is. Always that void, that void.

I slept with another man because I knew I couldn’t fill those holes in your soul, more tattered than your favorite undershirt. I mended the holes, every stitch done with meticulous care, with pride and quiet patience. My hands would glide over the newly-sewn holes, and I would hold up and show you a mirror of your restored soul, beaming. You’d…

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Just because you can’t say something doesn’t mean that you don’t want to. You can want to, very much.

You can be with a person and be happy with them and don’t love them.

Or, you can love someone and not want to be with them.

You don’t need to love someone to want them.

When you brain tell you what you want and what you actually want don’t match up, it’s exhausting.


The Trouble With Idealizing The People We Love

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Thought Catalog

“She wants to know if I love her, that’s all anyone wants from anyone else, not love itself but the knowledge that love is there, like new batteries in the flashlight in the emergency kit in the hall closet.” — Jonathan Safran Foer

Tautological as it may be, rare people are rare. It’s not every day we come across the perfect person: The person who will make us forever happy. Who will complete the life we’ve always envisioned for ourselves. Who seems to have stepped straight out of our dreams, dusted off their angel wings, and stood in front of us, beaming and radiant. But what happens when this person cannot be ours? What happens when the fates have aligned so that they’re already in a relationship or simply not interested?

Often, we’re thrown into a tailspin. Jealousy or depression boil up and can spread like a virus, debilitating us…

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#11: Discuss your current relationship.

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What better way to describe how single my relationship is than in the form of GIFS?

My current status


What it really means…


What I feel when I see other couples making out right in front of me.


What I feel about the reason why most couples stay together even though I think they’re horrible together.


Reasons why I’m single…




Even though I get asked by boys on a regular basis


I only want to go out with a particular someone…


Ok, not love. But very much in-like.



So my only solution is to…avoid.


What my friends say about me…


The end.

#10: Views On Drugs & Alcohol

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Okay kids, don’t take drugs*. It will destroy you.

*p.s: Weed is not counted.

Instead, drink a lot. Drink when you’re happy, drink when you’re unhappy, drink when you’re feeling nothing, drink when you’re on a date, drink when you’re with friends, drink when you’re with strangers, drink when you’re with colleagues, drink when you’re alone.

Especially when you’re alone. I love drinking alone and the warmness that fill up my throat and my lungs.

Apparently, according to many, drinking alone is one of the warning signs of both alcoholism and depression. Hey, why don’t you go tell it to Hemingway?

Hemingway once said, “I drink to make other people more interesting.” Well, when you drink alone, you make yourself more interesting!

In fact, according to a few studies, intelligent people drink more alcohol.

Gentle reminder though, do stay away from Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, and most importantly, your phone when you’re drinking. “THE WORLD SUCKS” is not a good tweet and “I MISS YOU CAN I COME OVER” is not a good message to your ex.

Sometimes, people like to use alcohol as an excuse to do things that they’ve wanted to do but have no balls to do when they’re sober. Sometimes, it can be used to make the best decision like finally completing the piece of writing you’ve been wanting to (like this blog post and more to come), or expressing your overdue, repressed feelings towards the person you like since forever, or to forgive your old friend over a silly mistake, or to kiss a stranger.

But sometimes, alcohol is exploited by douchebags who blame their impulsive horniness on alcohol and I truly despise these people. Hello, blame it on your inability to think and your lack of balls.

Alcohol, if put to good use, is the best thing in the world. It makes you happy, trippy, warm, funny, sociable and honest.

Bukowski, Vincent Van Gogh, Churchill, Alexander the Great, they’re all drunks and they all changed the world.

The answer may not lie at the bottom of the bottle, but it can’t hurt to check.

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Vachry: I read your blog, and I can’t tell if you’re being slutty or heartbroken. That’s why I asked and I’ll ask again, “how are you?”

Daniel: “You’d rather have your brains humped out than eating your heart out. To these men,  you must be like some exotic mysterious oriental beauty. Right here with me, you’re like a dysfunctional moral compass.”



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Amélie is probably the most charming movie of all time and definitely one of my favourite films. The creative direction, witty script, amazing cinematography and awesome soundtracks by Mr.Yann Tiersen made me watched this movie at least 3 times! This movie could be the very reason why I’m thinking of booking a flight ticket to Paris end of this year.

The movie is a tale of how the bashful and impish single waitress (Amélie) who decides to help other lonely people fix their lives. As the only-child of a tight-lipped, hard-hearted doctor father and a neurotic schoolteacher mother, Amelie grew up being too much unloved, with a not too happy childhood. As a young lady, she becomes a waitress at the Two Windmills cafe, but other times spends her time in an imaginative world of dreams, not forming close ties with people, being terribly shy. Her widowed father yearns to travel but won’t, so to inspire the old man she sends his garden gnome on a tour of the world; with whispered gossip, she brings together two cranky regulars at her café; she reverses the doorknobs and reprograms the speed dial of a grocer who’s mean to his assistant. She can only observe others from a distance and act accordingly – her own life remains emotionally dead. Gradually she realises her own life needs fixing.

I’ll end it with one of my favourite scene. It’s a quote from Amélie’s neighbour, a painter who hid himself in his tiny apartment for 20 years because he has brittle, glass bones. Even touching the furniture could result in him having a fractured arm. He told Amélie to start living her life and build relationships with people around her.

“So, little Amélie, your bones aren’t made of glass. You can take life’s knocks. If you let this chance go by, eventually your heart will become as dry and brittle as my skeleton. So…Go and get him, for pete’s sake!”

Perhaps, this is why I love this movie a little bit too much. Perhaps it’s time for me to start fixing my own life instead of trying to fix others.

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