Meet me offline

November 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

Because a 160 x 160 thumbnail isn’t enough you. I want you in the highest resolution, without filter. Who was foolish enough to think they could squeeze everything noteworthy about you into an avatar? You’re too lovely for pixels.

Put up an away message and let’s go away, somewhere we can power down and still feel electric, somewhere that doesn’t need password protecting. Let’s lose ourselves and find ourselves in a place with no GPS, no Google results, no Foursquare check-ins.

Tonight, I want to push all of your buttons except the one that says Like. I want to have a conversation with you without the 140 characters restriction, I want to eat too slowly and listen to you reviewing your main course, and not reading it on the Hungry Go Where website. I want to argue over your music taste without having already heard about them on your Spotify playlist. I want to look at you and feel like home and not the Home on my screen. Maybe then I’ll undo a couple of your buttons or my buttons and how’s that for a notification? I want to be the one to alert you.

Sign off and log out and shut down so we can meet up and go out and get high on fingers touching fingers and tongues pressing tongues instead of fingers pressing buttons. What I want to give to you is too large to attach, what I want to give to you can’t be uploaded or emailed or shared. Meet me so that we can remember how to connect without LinkedIn.

I want to touch you, not Poke you; I want to like you, not Like you; I want to ask you ‘What’s up?’, not WhatsApp you. I want to live in a place void of emoticons, scare quotes, of capitalized letters and auto-correct. I want to live in a place where the space between your back exists, where it’s wire-less and not wireless, a place where I can like you in lowercase.




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