What We Really Get When We Hold Onto The Things We’ve Lost

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I have a religion and it’s called being a good person

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In 1994, Bjork was interviewed for an article titled “Bjork on the Wild Side” When asked who she prays to, she replied:

“I’ve got my own religion… Iceland sets a world-record… When we were asked what we believe, 90% said, ‘ourselves.’ I think I’m in that group. If I get into trouble, there’s no God or Allah to sort me out. I have to do it myself.”

That’s the only idea of religion I can identify with.

I believe in god but it is a god in me, not a figure that is omnipotent or slapping me with hell-bound postage when I take what I need when I need it. My only rules are to never lie, cheat, hurt someone intentionally or steal. I am aware of the potential struggle in everyone. I watch others in an attempt to take what I can learn, duly trying to refrain from judgment. I observe, but hardly object. I am nice to the waiter, smile at the auntie who collects the trays in the hawker centres, and give my best effort when I am asked for help.

One thing I’m trying to learn is to empathise less- you can never carry someone’s burden just as someone cannot carry yours.

If you should struggle, look inward and adjust your beliefs to what rings true for you. Allow your curiosities to become your prerogative and indulge them when you are so inclined, as long as it does not harm someone else. Choose your company wisely, and if you should steal, steal away from those that do not support your highest idea of yourself. When something no longer serves you, let go.

Most importantly, know you don’t need anyone to save you.

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